Mary Anna Morrison Jackson

Mary Anna Morrison was born in the year 1831 in the town of Charlotte, North Caroline. She grew up always knowing of the love of the Savior. Her father was the minister of the local Presbyterian church. Her education was taken at Salem Academy from 1847 to 1849.

Anna met her future husband (Thomas Johnathan Jackson) while visiting  her sister, Mrs. Dana Harvey Hill. At this time Thomas was teaching in Lexington,Virginia, at the Military Institute. He was also engaged to Elinor Junkin. Elinor and Thomas were married in 1853, but Elinor died during childbirth in the fall of  ’54. The baby was a boy, but he was still born. After their deaths Thomas wanted to get away for a while and traveled to Europe. When he returned in ’56, he proposed  to Anna.

The two were married on July 16, 1857. Anna being the age of 21 and Thomas 28. The couple settled down happily in their home. Anna was quite surprised at first, for Thomas had been very quiet and stern, but she now found him sweet and loving once in his closest circle.  The letters he wrote to her during their absences are very dear.

It was on April 30, 1858, that a lovely joy came into their lives. A baby girl, who they named Mary Graham, was born. Both parents were very fond of her, and were both heart broken when the baby died just a few weeks later.

The loss of the baby was very hard on them both, but they continued to press on and remember the love of the Savior who had given His life for them. Could they not then submit patiently to their God who sends trials that He may draw them ever closer to Himself?

In the spring of ’59, Anna fell ill. Thomas thought it best to find the most able doctors, so she went to New York. She remained there for many months. After returning from New York, she went to Rockbridge Alum for a time. In September she had the opportunity to go visit her father in North Carolina for a time. Husband and wife were together for a time until in October, and Thomas was called away on duty.

They continued everyday life, along with visits here and there, until the war began in 1861. The War Between the States began, and her husband was called into duty to defend their home .  At the beginning of the war, Anna moved to Cottage Home in North Carolina. She and her husband exchanged many letters during this time.  She was able to visit her husband a few times during the war.

On November 23, 1862, came a rich blessing from God. In answer to their prayer for children, the Lord sent little Julia. Jackson (in a letter to his wife) reminded her “Do not set your affections upon her, except as a gift from God. If she absorbs too much of our hearts, God may remove her from us.”

In the spring of ’63, Anna was able to introduce her daughter to her husband. The visit lasted for nine days. Weeks later, Anna was summoned back to her husband’s side. This time because he had been seriously wounded on a scouting expedition. She stayed with him until his death on May 10, when he went to be with Jesus.

Dressed in mourning she returned to North Carolina with her daughter. She lived in Charlotte, North Carolina, for the rest of her life. Her daughter died in her twenties, leaving behind two dear, little grandchildren. Anna raised them from then on.

Anna was very active as she got older. She was always around at Confederate reunions, and she published a number of books in her later years.

Life and Letters of General Thomas J. Jackson(Stonewall Jackson)

Memoirs of Stonewall Jackson by his widow, Mary Anna Jackson

Julia Jackson Christian

She lived until the age of 83 in 1915.

I could find one letter written by her to her husband. Written in in late April 1863 just before his death.

My precious husband-

I will go to Hanover and wait there until I hear from you again, and I do trust I may be permitted to come back to you again in a few days. I am much disappointed at not seeing you again, but I commend you, my precious darling, to the merciful keeping of the God of battles, and do pray most earnestly for the success of our army this day. Oh! that our Heavenly Father may preserve and guide and bless you, is my most earnest prayer.

I leave the shirt and socks for you with Mrs. Neale, fearing I may not see you again, but I do hope it may be my privilege to be with you in a few days. Our little darling will miss dearest Papa. She is so good and sweet this morning. God bless and keep you, my darling
Your devoted little wife.

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